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Song of All Songs/Chapter One and Song of All Songs/Chapter Two are part of an eight chapter/eighty song/verse by verse devotional and commentary for the Song of Solomon. "Selections from Song of All Songs" is a collection of songs taken from the eighty song series. We hope to have all eighty songs available late Spring of 2019.

21 worship songs by Lee Behnken - a Christian Music Evangelist

Song of All Songs Ministry

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Song of All Songs ministry outreach. It isn't by accident that you might've encountered Lee at a conference or seen him leading praise and worship live. It also isn't by accident that you came to this website. Everything has a purpose and a design behind it. Even though you may not understand what the purpose is, that doesn't mean tere isn't one.

If you stumbled upon this website through a search enging and are wondering what this Song of All Songs ministry is all about, you were sent here by Jesus for a purpose. If you've heard of the Song of All Songs ministry but didn't know anything about it, you were sent here for a purpose. As for all things that Jesus places in our lives, He has sent you here for such a time as this in which to learn more about Him.

The Song of All Songs ministry mission is to bring people to meet the love of Jesus Christ and to lead them into salvation in which there is no condemnation. You may wonder how the Song of All Songs ministry does this, which is quite simple. Lee Behnken, the founder of the Song of All Songs ministry, has devoted much of his time to studying the Song of Solomon as wel as the commentaries in some Bibles, which is what the Song of All Songs ministry is based around, and has even wrote praise and worship songs with key verses from Song of Solomon.

Every praise and worship song are meant to show us the way to the abundant and gracious love that Jesus gives us. Each song is uniquely crafted around a key verse, or key verses, in each chapter. As a result, each song is an original that was wrote by Lee. Not only does the Song of All Songs ministry stop at praise and worship songs, Lee also goes on tour in different countries teaching about the love and grace of Jesus Christ. There are PDF files of each section that is currently available under the "Study Guides" navigation drop down menu in which you can view and even print directly within the browser (if you browser supports viewing PDF's. Otherwise, you might have to download Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF file locally and print from there).

The combination of teachings of each chapter in the Song of Solomon as well as the praise and worship songs are meant to guide every person to know the love of Jesus Christ. The intent of the ministry is to show the love of Jesus Christ and lead them to the One who had created them.